Midwest Premiere | Wilson Audio Sasha DAW 2018

Midwest Premiere | Wilson Audio Sasha DAW 2018

Oct 09, 2018

Thursday, November 8th 2018, 6PM - 10PM

You're invited to a very special evening with Paragon and Wilson Audio for the midwest premiere of the newest Wilson loudspeaker - the Sasha DAW.

When it came time to upgrade the Sasha, Daryl Wilson was sensitive to what his father accomplished. With this in mind, Daryl decided a fresh look at the Sasha was in order. He approached the Sasha as if it were an all-new loudspeaker, taking the elements that very clearly worked in its design and, at the same time, applying the myriad technologies generated by Wilson’s design team since the advent of the Series 2 nearly five years ago.

In the end, this new loudspeaker, which has no shared parts with the Sasha Series 2, represents the largest upgrade in the history of the WATT/Puppy and Sasha platforms.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming the Sasha DAW.

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