Chicago Fine Audio Show - Raffle Announcements! 2017

Chicago Fine Audio Show - Raffle Announcements! 2017

Jan 31, 2017

Congratulations to all of our raffle winners! Below is a list of of our prizes, including our Grand Prize. 


MoFi Jack Johnson Miles Davis SACD

Miles Davis A Tribute to Jack Johnson on Numbered Edition Hybrid SACD

Equally inspired by the leader’s desire to assemble the “greatest rock and roll band you have ever heard” as well as his adoration of Johnson, Davis created a hard-hitting set that spills over with excitement, intensity, majesty, and power. Bridging the electric fusion he’d pursued on earlier efforts with a funkier, dirtier rhythmic approach, Davis zeroes in on concepts of spontaneity, freedom, and identity seldom achieved in the studio. Our reissue brings it all to fore with unsurpassed realism.

  MoFi Alan Parsons SACD

Alan Parsons Project I Robot on Numbered Edition Hybrid SACD

Audiophiles needn't any introduction to the Alan Parsons Project's I Robot. Engineered by Parsons after he performed the same duties on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, the 1977 record reigns as a disc whose taut bass, crisp highs, clean production, and seemingly limitless dynamic range are matched only by the sensational prog-rock fare helmed by the keyboardist.

MoFi Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home

Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog 180g 45rpm Mono 2LP

Bring it all back home – in mono. Originally designed by the artist for mono listening, Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home represents the moment that pop and rock music became their own art form, expressions finally treated with the same seriousness and respect as classical and jazz. Incalculably influential, the 1965 landmark established myriad benchmarks in songwriting, sound, artwork, and performance. It served the world notice that Dylan was no longer just the virtuoso visionary tuned into the wants of the folk community.

MoFi Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 Revisited GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog 180g 45rpm Mono 2LP

Its title references the road that spans North Minnesota to the Mississippi Delta, and the formative blues, country, and roots sounds connected to its existence. The highway also lays claim to towering musical myths and deaths, many tied to the blues lexicon and narrative. All figure prominently on the revolutionary beacon that is Highway 61 Revisited, the 1965 set that overturned rules, upended preexisting limits, and utterly changed everything in its path. Ranked the fourth-greatest album ever made by Rolling Stone, its reach, power, and content boggle the mind more than five decades after its release.  

Mofi Record Care Bundle

MoFi Record Care Bundle

  mofi_electronics_sample_studiodeck_detail *Sample image

MoFi Studio Tracker Cartridge

From Part-Time Audiophile: Studio Tracker MM...utilize[s] two powerful lightweight magnets precisely aligned with the left and right channels in the stereo groove. This topology mirrors the layout of a cutter head used to make a record’s master lacquer and offers increased channel separation, higher resolution, and excellent tracking.  



Sonus faber Pryma Headphones, Classic Pure Black

Look as unique as you listen…Every pair of PRYMA headphones is made in Italy by Sonus faber, the brand that has delivered world-class sound for more than 30 years. Sonus faber upholds an elevated culture of sound and an exacting dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. The combination delivers flawless sound clarity and comfort for the most elevated experience in personal audio today. In a rare synergy of ancient tradition and modern innovation, centuries of Italian leatherwork meet countless days of testing in Sonus faber’s laboratories. The results are audible. The difference is in the details.