Audio Research's North American Launch Tour 2024: Reference 330M Amplifier

Audio Research's North American Launch Tour 2024: Reference 330M Amplifier

Jun 26, 2024

Get ready for an audio experience like no other! Join us for an unforgettable evening at Paragon Sight & Sound as we proudly kick off the Audio Research North American REF 330M Launch Tour.

Enjoy live demonstrations by industry experts Allan Haggar, Dave Gordon, and Les Robinson. Hear the future of high-end audio and Discover the incredible capabilities of the new 330M and see how it will transform your listening experience.

Immerse yourself in a night of music, technology, and celebration. Connect with fellow audio enthusiasts, share your passion, and be among the first to experience the cutting-edge Reference 330M amplifier in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


Valerio Cora, CEO, Audio Research

Sheree Cora, Executive Administrator, Audio Research

Allan Haggar, VP, Sales, Audio Research

Dave Gordon, Brand Director, Audio Research

Les Robinson, General Manager, Engineer, Audio Research




ARC REF 330M Amplifier


Introducing the Reference 330M Amplifier: A New Standard in Audio Excellence

Originally envisioned as a more powerful sibling to the Reference 160M, the Reference 320M amplifier took a fascinating turn in its development. What started as a concept in 2022 has now evolved into a sophisticated blend of the best elements from Audio Research’s other Reference amplifiers. Enter the Reference 330M: a revolutionary piece of audio technology producing 330 watts per channel.

The Evolution of the 330M

The Reference 330M is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation. It combines innovative thinking, cutting-edge design, and new components while incorporating the finest concepts from Audio Research’s previous Reference amplifiers. Unlike its predecessors, the 330M achieves all gain through vacuum tubes, with transistors utilized solely for impedance buffering.

Inside the 330M

The new front end of the 330M draws its architectural inspiration from the 610T, employing an ECC83 tube for voltage gain. The ECC83 output is buffered with special bipolar transistors that exhibit tube-like characteristics. This approach maximizes the input stage headroom and preserves the superior sonic qualities of the ECC83.

The second stage features a classic circuit also found in the 610T and 250 models. It uses a 6H30 tube differential pair biased with a DMOS current source. The 6H30 plates are bootstrapped by the output stage, ensuring consistent performance.

Driving the output tubes are new Silicon Carbide (SiC) JFETs. These advanced devices automatically bias each output tube to the ideal quiescent current, maximize driver headroom, and enhance bottom-end control.

The output drivers, also bootstrapped by the output, provide additional headroom during large signal swings, ensuring dynamic and powerful sound reproduction.

The Heart of the 330M: KT170 Output Tubes

The Reference 330M features the new KT170 output tubes, known for their increased plate voltage margin, peak cathode current, and plate dissipation. These tubes offer unparalleled musicality, and when integrated into Audio Research’s meticulously designed circuit, they deliver an elevated level of performance that is truly unmatched.

Robust Power Supply and Balanced Design

The power supply of the 330M incorporates solid-state regulation for the front end and tube regulation (6H30 and 6550) for the output tube screens and driver stage. Additionally, a Pi filter with a large choke reduces output stage supply ripple, ensuring clean and stable power delivery.

This amplifier is fully balanced from input to output, operating exclusively in Pentode mode to achieve the highest performance levels. The screen and plate voltages are carefully selected for optimal linearity.

Rear Panel Features

The Reference 330M is equipped with a comprehensive set of rear panel features, including:


  •     Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs
  •     8Ω and 4Ω output taps
  •     12V Triggers
  •     RS-232 control
  •     Tube hour meter
  •     20A IEC
  •     Fan speed adjustment


The Reference 330M amplifier represents a new benchmark in hifi amplifiers, combining innovation with the best of traditional design to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.