Welcome Luxul!

Welcome Luxul!

Jan 09, 2017
Custom Integration is one of the fastest growing segments of Paragon. Our installation team is always on the lookout for new brands and products to improve the quality of our projects. Paragon has recently started working with Luxul to better implement our solutions to network IP designs.

What we love about Luxul...

Luxul's product range is suitable for both residential and commercial needs, and they provide solutions for building networks of any size. All Luxul components are optimized for custom installation applications. The company specializes in wireless access points, controllers, routers, switches, and networking accessories.

In September 2016, Luxul announced a partnership with Savant Systems, one of the fastest growing smart home brands and a Paragon top-pick for home automation. Smart homes and robust networks go hand-in-hand, making Luxul and Savant one dynamic duo! Luxul products are powerful, simple to install, and user friendly.

As household internet usage continues to increase so do the demands on the home network. The Luxul product line-up provides solutions for handling increased traffic and delivering greater range to users. Our integration team has been extremely impressed with the options and flexibility that Luxul offers. To top it off, all Luxul products come with free lifetime support and an impressive 3 year warranty!