The Evolution of the Smart Home

The Evolution of the Smart Home

Feb 13, 2020

Homeowners have long envisioned the idea of a smart home that makes life easier by automating everyday chores.  For decades, science fiction writers such as Ray Bradbury imagined a home that ran itself.  Cartoons such as The Jetsons, and the 1950’s Disney “Home of the Future” exhibit painted a visual representation of that idea. In 1984, the American Association of House Builders began using the term “smart house” as programmable thermostats, microwaves, and home computing became more common.  

Over the next two decades, computing power increased, technology miniaturized, and the home broadband network became a regular part of our life.  In 1999, Microsoft introduced their version of the smart home.  Today, almost 40 years after the term “smart house” was first used, continued scaling of technology (think IoT), reliable electronics manufacturers, and experienced technicians and installers now make smart home technology a part of everyday life.

At Paragon Smart, we’ve learned there are several important steps necessary for the implementation of a reliable smart home system.  First, one must start by building a strong home network.  The network supports everything from streaming video to controlling all of the devices within the system.  

Often this advanced network is referred to as “enterprise” grade and is the “digital backbone” that all other home technologies rely on.  Unlike consumer-grade networks, the enterprise grade system allows for extended Wi-Fi range, bandwidth to support the latest streaming, scalability to grow, maximum security and reliability.  It is important to work with your smart home designer to plan and install a network that delivers the bandwidth, reliability, and security you require.  

Once the network foundation is in place, adding a reliable control system is next.  There are three popular systems, and the Savant system is our go-to.  It’s a solid, easy-to-use interface, and is scalable and reliable. Savant manages plenty of smart devices that control lighting, temperature, audio/video, and security cameras, just to name a few.  

There are many smart devices for your home, and some work better than others.  Your Paragon Smart designer will help you navigate all of the choices and find the system that is affordable and built to last.  

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