Sustainability, Energy Management, And Your Smart Home

Sustainability, Energy Management, And Your Smart Home

Mar 11, 2019

Most people recognize the importance of reducing the world’s carbon footprint and increasing energy sustainability, but may not know how to contribute.  Managing energy consumption at home is a great place to start.  Our Smart Home automation partner Savant has continued to lead in this category by founding Racepoint Energy to provide “intelligent energy monitoring and control systems capable of being paired with energy storage and generation.” Today’s blog will only scratch the surface of energy independence, so If you are interested in digging deeper into energy management, please contact the Paragon Smart Home division to learn how we can help you manage your energy use.

To achieve their goal of providing a complete energy generation and control package, Racepoint started thinking about home energy systems as a micro grid. A micro grid can have several states of operation, each of which uses intelligent control and monitoring of the energy we need while reducing costs and giving you the information to make sound choices about how you use energy in your home.

Racepoint Energy has developed “smart” circuit breakers that replace your existing breakers and interface with the Savant control system to let users manage electricity to every room in your home. 

In addition, Racepoint offers design and installation services for the development of a comprehensive energy package. Racepoint Energy sums it up by saying “Whether your motivation is energy security during a power outage, economic savings or environmental sustainability Racepoint energy can provide a complete energy package from system design to installation and grid interconnection.” 

Here are a couple of common examples:

On Grid – Monitoring your energy usage on every circuit in your home helps one make smarter energy decisions that can save money by maximizing time-of-use energy rates, and by automatically drawing on local energy generation (solar or wind), or using stored energy. 

Off Grid - The Racepoint system can provide energy security during a power outage, and intelligently managing resources such as solar, generators, and batteries to ensure one does not overload solar or drain batteries too quickly.  You decide which electrical circuits are active based on time of year, and your home energy needs.

“By combining on-site energy generation, battery storage and Flexible Load Management our customers have complete control over their energy assets. A Racepoint Micro-Grid puts the power back in the hands of the consumer.”


Paragon and Racepoint/Savant can help you increase energy efficiency, create a 24/7 emergency backup power solution, save money on current energy costs, and achieve power grid independence.

To learn more about Racepoint Residential Micro-Grid, contact us today.