Sony Z9D Series

Just when we thought Sony had given us their best XBR 4K HDR televisions, they surprised us by releasing the Z9D series. This series has three sizes, 65”, 75”, and an amazing 100” TV that is absolutely stunning. The industrial design is minimalist utilitarianism, with brushed metal and black body. The overall build quality is excellent, and its construction presents a feeling of high quality and precision.

Until the Z9D series, Sony and rival Samsung were very close, with Samsung winning many of the tech competitions. No more. The Z9D delivers more peak brightness, and at the same time, overall better local dimming/backlight control than any other set on the market. This means the Z9D series will deliver excellent HDR (High dynamic range) and upscaling of non 4K content. HDR, or high dynamic range is defined as “expanding the TV’s contrast ratio and color palette to offer a more realistic, natural image.”

Sony’s use of these technologies, especially the backlight control, puts the Z9D in a class above the rest. XBR65Z9D - $5499.99, XBR75Z9D - $8999.99, XBR100Z9D - $59,999.99