Sony MASTER Series Televisions

In the last 5 years, TVs have gotten larger, lighter and look better than ever. Technologies such as 4K, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and OLED have become common in premium televisions. Sony continues to be a leader in the category, pushing the limits of technology to deliver best of class products. The MASTER Series is the result of Sony leveraging their professional film-making experience to design TVs that create a “professional-grade studio monitor” experience at home. Delivering that experience requires capturing a filmmaker's finished image as a digital signal while minimizing picture deterioration. Sony developed a new processor to handle the conversion using a “not one bit lost” philosophy and ultra-high bit rate processing to ensure restoration to the signal’s original quality. The processor even fine-tunes the signal for specific types of TV panels. The MASTER Series offers both OLED (55” and 65”) and LCD (65” and 75”) panels. An interesting addition to the OLED A9F is their new acoustic surface audio technology using 3 actuators behind the screen and side subwoofers to provide compelling sound that moves with the picture. The OLED screen uses millions of self-illuminating OLED pixels that are individually activated -producing remarkably lifelike pictures. You’ll see more accurate detail, color, and texture when watching movies, streaming content, or sports. LCD technology allows manufacturers to create larger screens. Until now, many larger screens suffered from after-image effect and a loss of color fidelity when viewing at an angle. The Master Series Z9F LCD X-Wide Angle technology controls backlight and ensures colors stay true from any seat in the house. And their X-Motion Clarity technology delivers fast action and sports scenes that are smooth, bright and clear with no after image. Even as TVs get better each year, the types of content we watch is rapidly changing. As we spend more time watching streaming video, Sony has partnered with Netflix and developed Netflix Calibrated Mode to ensure picture quality and preserve the filmmaker’s vision and intent. Whether you choose OLED or LCD, rest assured Sony continues to advance technology in pursuit of replicating images exactly as the filmmakers intended. Featured Product Sony's MASTER series is a name reserved exclusively for its highest picture quality TV models. Sony's goal with the MASTER series products is to create a TV capable of displaying images that faithfully convey the creator's full intent. The new MASTER Series provides picture quality approaching that of a professional-grade monitor in a movie studio and was developed by following a very strict set of product evaluation criteria set by its most experienced picture quality engineers. "Sony's focus has always been on quality, and our new MASTER Series is a game changer," said Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer, Sony Electronics North America. "Netflix is redefining the way in which content is produced, and together we have created an offering that has never been done before. Our new line of TVs featuring Netflix Calibrated Mode truly optimize the entertainment experience and provide new viewing options for our customers." Both MASTER Series models come equipped with a newly developed, next-generation Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate. This processor plays a vital role in delivering the high-quality picture in the MASTER Series. With a long history and expertise in developing professional cameras and monitors, Sony recognizes that precision in constructing fine signal processing components results in an immediately visible difference to the whole image. The Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate can intelligently detect and analyze each object in the picture through Sony's new Object-based Super Resolution for exceptional accuracy and detail. The Object-based HDR remaster has been updated and now allows each object to be remastered individually for better depth, accurate texture and an overall more realistic picture. Boasting the most cutting-edge technologies, the MASTER series is the pinnacle of picture quality at home.