Multistat Smart Thermostat by Savant

Paragon Sight & Sound has been designing, installing, and supporting home automation systems for over 20 years. We've been on the front lines as technology evolved from push button control of audio systems, to voice control and AI management of climate, lighting, security and entertainment. Our partner for the last five years in this home evolution is Savant. Savant is a premium developer of app-based hardware and software solutions that allow us to personalize your smart home for the way you live.

One of many recent products from Savant is the Multistat thermostat. Typically, thermostats have a singular purpose of regulating internal home temperature. The new Savant Multistat is engineered as a new approach to residential thermostat design.

"Our objective with the Savant Multistat was to provide homeowners with an attractive multipurpose device that could combine advanced climate features with convenient access to smart home functionality," says Robert Madonna, CEO, Savant. "By leveraging the touchscreen capabilities of the Savant Pro Remote within the Multistat, we have created a decor-friendly climate control solution that redefines the category."

This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled thermostat supports standard and heat pump HVAC systems, humidifier/dehumidifiers, multiple zones of heating cooling and circulation. Because the Multistat is part of the Savant eco-system, the attractive hi-res touchscreen delivers whole home control in addition to managing your heating and cooling. Create single set points for room temperature, or schedule climate routines to suit your life and energy consumption. Set up custom scenes to cue playlists, control lighting or lower shades.

The experts at Paragon Sight and Sound can help you select and design the correct smart home system for your space. We reduce the complexity of controlling multiple electronic devices, and ensure your systems work 24/7, 365.

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The new Savant Multistat smart thermostat provides an updated look with a 3″ touch screen while keeping the same great features of the previous thermostat for control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The Savant Multistat is a completely new approach to the residential thermostat, elegantly and discreetly placing control and automation functionality alongside climate settings in easy reach throughout the home.

The Multistat provides homeowners with convenient access to Savant Scenes with a finger swipe of the color touch screen, giving them instant access to numerous automation events in conjunction with climate control such as lighting, entertainment and others. The user interface is identical to the premium glass touch screen found in Savant’s award-winning Pro Remote and will deliver easy and intuitive access to the smart home functionality that simplifies daily life. For added convenience, all of the Multistat’s features can be accessed remotely via mobile devices using the Savant App.

The Savant Multistat is compatible with both standard and heat pump-based HVAC systems and can be locally connected to both 10K and 1-wire bus sensors. The Savant Multistat is configurable for either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and can be connected to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor temperature sensors, slab sensors, and humidity sensors. Users can take advantage of Savant’s HVAC scheduler as well as climate-related notifications to their mobile device, tailoring all of these settings to best suit their lifestyle. The Savant Multistat can be deployed stand alone or in combination with the Savant Climate platform to provide up to 48 zones of expansion.