Focal In-Wall & In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Focal In-Wall & In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Nov 14, 2019

Choose discretion: Focal's high fidelity loudspeakers are available in built-in versions for walls and ceilings for the home and public places. Focal's custom installation line of speakers follow the distinct Focal sound signature, which is achieved through simple design and unrivaled acoustics.

The Focal custom integration collection is comprised of the Electra Series, the 300 Series, and the 100 Series.

The Electra range embodies technological excellence at the service of the absolute finest sound. This line can enhance your existing dedicated listening system or be a true alternative for a traditional audio system for your home. The sophisticated design of this line enables it to compete with high-end loudspeakers.

The built-in loudspeakers of the 300 Series were designed to be invisible and to give a new dimension to your music, whether in a stereo or home cinema set-up. Through its precise and natural sound, this line is ideal for creating an all-encompassing atmosphere - opening up a world of sound with unprecedented depth of emotion.

The 100 Series provides a concrete solution for your sound system at home or at work. Exceptionally discrete, music becomes part of your everyday life.

All Focal custom integration speakers come in a variety of sizes and shapes for in-wall and in-ceiling installation and have optional accessories including mounting brackets and fire backcans. Electra series speakers also offer frame mount options.

With so many options, how do you know which series and speaker choices are right for your space? Contact Paragon to schedule a walk-through of your home with one of our team members.