Savant Pro Remote 2 | Savant Remote Control First Look

Savant Pro Remote 2 | Savant Remote Control First Look

Oct 17, 2019

Last month, we explored the Savant control interface and talked about why it is one of the best and most intuitive interfaces for smarts homes. Today, we get a “First Look” at the new Savant Pro Remote 2 personalized remote control.

It's probably safe to say that almost everyone has used a remote control at some point in his or her life. Who hasn't experienced frustration using those remotes to operate TVs, cable boxes, receivers or some other device? Manufacturers have continued to make improvements with the goal of eliminating those consumer frustrations. Savant, in particular, has consistently applied the Savant control interface to multiple devices (iPhone, iPads) yet remained committed to improving the hand held remote control capabilities and usability.

We’ll get to the new features of the Pro Remote 2 (due out late 2019) in a moment, but you may recall that one of the best things about the Savant system is that is also acts as a universal control system for multiple home technologies and systems. Of course, controlling all of those devices could get confusing, especially if one is a guest at the home and just wants to watch TV. No problem.

The Pro Remote 2 (like its predecessor) can easily be configured for just a few simple tasks, or deliver more complex “whole-house” control for the power user. Often, the homeowner has multiple remote controls (of course, near TVs) individually personalized by location or by user. The Pro Remote 2 has a clean minimalist design that fits well in one’s hands with both on-screen and hard button control. Like its predecessor, the Pro Remote 2 has built-in voice control, plus Siri control, and now Apple TV IP integration. One can intuitively access movies, music, and cable TV using the easy to see back-lit buttons. And the remote stores out of the way, standing in a robust magnetic docking station.

The Savant Pro Remote 2 is part of a much larger Savant smart home eco-system. If you are looking for a personalized control system that can keep up with technology, then you owe it to yourself to understand how Savant can become an important part of your smart home. Paragon Smart has an experienced team that can explain the benefits of a Savant Smart Home as well as demonstrate the Savant system.

"Get Smart" and visit Paragon to see how we control our entire store using Savant Systems.