Custom Corner: Networks & Your Connected Home

Custom Corner: Networks & Your Connected Home

Jun 25, 2020

For High-Quality 2-Channel Digital Streaming & More!

Whether you are a dedicated 2-channel listener, home theater enthusiast, or have come to Paragon looking for Smart Home solutions, the tie that binds us all is the need for a robust, stable, and secure home network.

For everything from music and video streaming to whole home control systems, our increased connectivity likewise places increased demands on our networks. With more people working from home, children using online distance learning, and families staying at home at unprecedented levels, these demands are only growing.

We all know the frustration of waiting for streamed movies and music to buffer, dropped Zoom calls disrupting our work, and Wi-Fi controlled home automation products losing connectivity & functionality. These situations range from minor annoyances to serious security risks and are by-and-large preventable with the right people designing and installing your network.

While many connected devices have increasingly user-friendly interfaces and set-up instructions, home networks are not your average DIY project. Having experts, like the Paragon Smart integration team, is vital to evaluating your network needs, determining the appropriate products, and deploying sophisticated solutions that are flexible enough to grow with you.

Imagine your wireless network as a web of components that all work together to deliver high-speeds, stable connections, and consistent performance. Proper configuration means having products that work together synergistically with the expertise to direct traffic intelligently & efficiently. Traffic control doesn’t just keep things running smoothly internally. It also keeps unwanted visitors out so that your data stays private, secure, and protected.

Home networks may not be as exciting to talk about as Paragon’s other products and services, but they are the foundation on which we build the world’s best listening rooms, home theaters that rival commercial cinemas, and home control systems that make your life more convenient and enjoyable every single day.

The Paragon Smart team is ready to build this cornerstone for your home - call or visit us today and speak with our integration team about solutions that make sense for you.


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