Control Your Smart Home with Savant Systems

Control Your Smart Home with Savant Systems

Sep 11, 2019

Smart home solutions technology is fast becoming a regular part of many people’s daily life. We think one of the best and most intuitive interfaces is from Savant Systems.

Today, we’ll explore the Savant user interface and learn why it works for almost anyone. Once someone commits to the technology, be it AI like the Amazon Echo, a music system from Sonos, or a more comprehensive control system like Savant, they all have one thing in common: eventually you must interact with the system. Whether it is a screen or voice command, sooner or later you will push a button or say a command and interact with your home control system. Today, we’ll explore the Savant user interface and learn why it works for everyone.

We’ll get to actual operation in a moment, but one of the best things about the Savant system is that is also acts as a universal control for multiple home technologies and systems. Almost every home technology has its own control app, but the Savant interface integrates all those apps into one easy control system. Need to control the HVAC, lights, or shades? It’s all on the Savant page. How about turning on music, checking security cameras, or controlling other independent apps? No problem.

Paragon technology experts will merge all of those technologies onto the single Savant control system. The system can be accessed from a variety of interfaces. You can use a Savant touchscreen panel (mounted in convenient locations in your home) or your own smartphone or tablet to control the Savant system. You can even use Savant’s universal remote with its touchscreen and voice control technology.

Now let’s dig into the interface. Because the Savant interface is divided into the rooms in your house, it allows you to select and customize the tech in each room. For example, it’s very easy to select and control the TV in the game room, plus change the game room lighting or adjust the TV sound. When everything is perfect, you can even save those settings as a pre-set scene. Scenes and control apps are managed on the same page of your interface. You can even check your security cameras, set the alarm, or program a DVR. With a Savant System, you decide what technology to control in each room, and unlike other systems, have the ability to make simple changes to your “rooms” by creating scenes that anyone can activate.

Because the Savant App is on your mobile phone or tablet, you can access your smart home from almost anywhere in the world. Check the temperature, make sure the alarm is activated, and stay connected with real time notifications. It is a system that makes it easy to make everything just the way you like it. And if you like using the interface, then you are much more likely to use the system-every day.

Contact the Paragon Smart team today to find out how a Savant Smart Home system can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle!