Choosing a Home Network

Choosing a Home Network

Mar 14, 2019

Let Paragon Sight & Sound help you choose the right wireless network for your home or small business.

Like most consumer products, wireless networks are not all created equal. A myriad of brands are available from cable companies, big box retailers, and numerous online shops. Which begs the question - how does one choose a wireless network that is secure, reliable, and can handle all your family’s data needs?

The best place to start, is to consult a wireless expert, someone with experience installing, setting-up, and servicing home and small business networks. Not just a retail salesperson, but also someone who works with these systems everyday - like the techs in the Paragon’s custom installation division, Paragon Integration. With just a few questions, our team can design the best network for your new home, existing home, or small business. Not ready to take the next step yet? That's ok. Let's start the conversation with a refresher on network basics.

For most homes, a network will include a wired router that is connected to the Internet Service Provider wire that comes into your home. Often this is bundled with other services such as cable, or it can be a dedicated line. Usually, a wired router is coupled with a pair of wireless access points (WAPs). These individual access points are positioned at key locations in your home to make sure every corner of your home has a strong internet connection. It’s important to invest in a quality router—one that can withstand multiple connections, higher internet speeds, and that has a solid warranty—and quality WAPs are also important if most of your devices are Wi-Fi connected and you want a strong, far-reaching signal across your entire home.

Many homes have both wired and wireless connectivity, and for good reason. Your desktop computer, security cameras, and home entertainment streamers require large amounts of data and are best hardwired. Conversely, mobility and remote connections (to say, set your home alarm, or answer your new Wi-Fi doorbell) mandate Wi-Fi. And with growing tech like 4K movies or smart home devices that demand more data, a solid, well-designed network is a must.

What network system does Paragon recommend?

Paragon Sight & Sound has been installing and servicing network devices for over a decade. Brands have come and gone, but our overall goal has always been to provide our clients with simple, reliable routers that are the foundation of their home network. Several years ago, we were attracted to a small company that provided network solutions that fit our demanding performance criteria, this company is Luxul.

After several months of testing, we began integrating Luxul routers and wireless access points into our installations. The router performance was superb; the products were user-friendly and had great wireless coverage. In April 2016, global electrical and digital manufacturer Legrand purchased Luxul. They recognized Luxul as the #1 network provider for professionally-installed network systems in residential and small business environments.

As part of Legrand, Luxul has been able to expand their networking products to deliver even more “reliable and scalable networks that are powerful, yet easy to install and manage.” For Paragon Sight & Sound, having a reliable network partner that is well-capitalized, but small enough to effectively support our efforts is critical to delivering best-of-class performance.

Contact Paragon for a free evaluation of your home or small business network requirements. Our knowledgeable team will take the time to explain the latest technology and then recommend the best system for you.