Welcome Wharfedale!

Welcome Wharfedale!

Jun 13, 2018

Britain has long been recognized throughout the world as being a leader in innovative loudspeaker technology. This reputation has built up over many years by some of the world’s most famous loudspeaker manufacturers. Wharfedale, established over seventy years ago has always been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology, and continues to lead the industry in advanced research and product development.

After years of setting industry standards for loudspeaker performance, advanced research and development programs, and an extensive integrated manufacturing and quality control process, Wharfedale continues to remain at the forefront of audio, with a dedicated 1.5 million square-foot manufacturing operation in which all products and processes take place in-house. This makes the design of any new loudspeaker an acoustic engineer’s dream - designing and building every component from scratch to achieve a harmony in performance and balance.

With a wide variety of product offerings and price ranges, Paragon is pleased to welcome this esteemed brand to the store. Visit our showroom today for a demo of this fantastic new line!


Now through July 7th 2018, Paragon is pleased to offer special promotional pricing on select Wharfedale speakers. Eligible products include the Diamond 200 Series and Reva Series Bookshelf & Floorstanding Speakers. For more information, contact us today!