The "Red" System

The "Red" System

Jan 11, 2019

We looked around and realized we have several fabulous pieces all in high-gloss red finish, and in the spirit of the holidays we were inspired to design "The Red System." Our featured system is comprised of (from left to right): the Rogers High Fidelity PA-1A Tube Phono Preamplifier, the Clearaudio Ovation Turntable, the Rogers EHF-200 Tube Integrated Amplifier, and Wilson Audio Sasha DAW Loudspeakers.

The critically acclaimed Rogers PA-1A follows the Rogers heritage in every detail. The dual-mono, Class-A, all-tube design has an industry leading signal-to-noise ratio and represents an all-out assault on the state-of-the-art. On our red theme, the PA-1A features a gloss red top cover and complementary red tube covers, as you can see.

The Ovation Turntable incorporates high-performance technology from the Clearaudio Innovation Wood series of turntables, but in a more affordable "lifestyle" design while also echoing the award-winning ergonomics of the Clearaudio Concept turntable. The pictured turntable in high-gloss red is an upgraded finish.

The Rogers EHF-200 is a Class-A, 112 watt-per-channel integrated tube amplifier. Featuring point-to-point wiring, aviation grade aluminum chassis, and self-bias circuitry, the EHF-200 is easy-to-use and built-to-last with a lifetime warranty. It's mod-industrial look suits contemporary decor, and most importantly, it delivers that classic vintage-tube sound with all the facility of an integrated amplifier.

The all-new Wilson Audio Sasha DAW Loudspeakers were designed and built as an homage to the late Dave Wilson. The Sasha DAW is the largest upgrade in the history of the WATT/Puppy and Sasha platforms. The Sasha DAW features the same midrange and tweeters used in the WAMM Master Chronosonic, and an all-new crossover blends the entire recipe together.

The whole system retails for about $68K (without cabling), with the speakers making-up about $38K of that total, and the electronics + turntable coming-in at a cool $30K.

You can purchase Clearaudio & Rogers High Fidelity in-store or online! Wilson Sasha DAW's are only available in-store.