Shinola Detroit: The Runwell Turntable

Shinola Detroit: The Runwell Turntable

Mar 31, 2017
We launched the new Shinola Audio division because we're inspired by this city's incredible musical history, and created The Runwell Turntable to celebrate the experience of getting chills when listening to music the way the artist intended. - Shinola Detroit

Since 2012, Shinola has been on a mission to bring jobs and manufacturing back to Detroit. What started as a watch-making operation in the Taubman Building of Detroit's College for Creative Studies has grown into more than 10 retail locations across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Today, Shinola employs over 600 people and has grown exponentially beyond their original product line. This growth includes the development of the Shinola Audio division.

Under the direction of former Audeze CEO, Alex Rosson, Shinola collaborated with American turntable maker VPI to create the Runwell Turntable. In an interview, Rosson commented, “It's very intriguing to me to be able to assemble a turntable in the city that invented Motown. That's pretty special. Detroit is like a vortex for the soul - a melting pot and meeting place for the creation of iconic products and music." True to his words, the Runwell Turntable is a belt-driven table designed with the iconic look of decks from the 50's and 60's. Intentionally nostalgic in its aesthetic, Shinola's Runwell pays, "respect to the history of how we first started listen to music," according to Rosson.

While the turntable is classic in design, the technology is expressly modern. For example, special tooling is required to create the distinctive curve of the platter. The Runwell also incorporates a built-in (but removable) phono preamp, which combined with the factory-calibrated tonearm and premounted Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, make the turntable a cutting-edge, user-friendly package.

While the Runwell contains components sourced globally, special attention was placed on finding US suppliers whenever possible. The platter is crafted of aircraft aluminum machined by New Jersey company MDI. Ohio-based Pyramid Rubber provides the rubber for the turntable's belt. Additionally, the motor assembly is a product of Hurst Motors, out of Indiana. To top it all off, the turntables are assembled in true Shinola style, in full public view, behind the glass walls of their Cass Corridor retail store.

Learn more about the design and manufacture of the Runwell Turntable with this video, courtesy of Shinola Audio.

Introducing Shinola Audio: The Runwell Turntable from Shinola on Vimeo.

The Runwell Turntable retails for $2,500 and is now available for audition in the Paragon showroom.