Rogers High Fidelity | EHF-200

Rogers High Fidelity | EHF-200

Jan 09, 2019

The Rogers EHF-200 is a 112 watt-per-channel Class-A integrated tube amplifier that is completely handmade in the USA. The entire amplifier is wired by hand, with all discrete components and all point-to-point. These quality standards ensure a lifetime of serviceability and reliability.

The amplifier chassis is aviation-grade aluminum with a multi-phase powder-coat and clear coat finish. All hardware is meticulously staked using an aerospace coating to eliminate any hardware failures over time through vibration, shipping or movement. This is an assembly process honed over many years of satellite manufacturing and assembly where re-tightening hardware can’t happen.

The EHF-200 features a self-bias circuit for adjustment free operation and longest tube life. The customer does not need to adjust tube bias. As the tubes age, they adjust for bias changes automatically. Tubes can be changed at any time, no matter if it is a single tube or the full set, and the amp will automatically re-bias for the change.

Never before has music sounded so good coming out of your speakers. Clarity rules with the EHF-200. Turn it on, and youʼll be blown away by the concert hall quality. All you have to do is close your eyes and immerse yourself in the music!