Rogers 65V-2 | A Paragon Exclusive

Rogers 65V-2 | A Paragon Exclusive

Nov 28, 2018

The all-new Rogers High Fidelity 65V-2 Integrated Amplifier, available exclusively through Paragon Sight & Sound, is now available Place your order in-store or online!

The model 65V-2 is a Class A, single-ended design, all-tube integrated amplifier that is designed to use either EL-34 or KT-88 tubes with no adjustment or changes needed. Simply insert the tube of your selection and play.

The new 65V-2 has a beautiful upgraded aesthetic with the red powder clear coat finished chassis, and billet aluminum front panel. For those of us who don't put beauty before power, it also boasts double the power output of its predecessor (from 20W to 40W). Not to mention a host of other features that add to its ease of operation, including an LCD display with a tube status indicator to automatically monitor tube bias and provide advanced notice for replacement.

The auto bias circuit allows effortless operation for the user. No adjustments are needed to get both long tube life and superior audio performance. Selectable audio modes of triode and ultra-liner operation provide an enhanced sound stage selection.

The 65V-2 uses a toroidal type power supply and a separate low noise DC tube filament power supply, which enhances the pure fidelity signal reproduction. A dedicated headphone output circuit provides optimum performance during more intimate listening sessions.

An available iOS app (compatible with iPad or iPhone) uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to enhance the user experience, smartly displaying the amplifier’s output level using real-time telemetry information.

All Rogers High Fidelity Products are built by hand one at a time using all military grade components and Teflon coated point-to-point wiring and carry a lifetime warranty.

Product Comparison - Rogers 65V-1 versus 65V-2

Both models feature: Hand-wired point-to-point wiring, all Teflon wire, aerospace-grade components, aerospace-grade aluminum chassis, ultra linear and triode modes, 100-hour break-in operation, Cardas speaker terminal, total of four (4) front and rear inputs, performance report supplied with each unit, built in New York, Lifetime Warranty.

Total power output increase of 100% and increased low-end performance:

65v2 65v1
40 Watts (10 Watts @1% THD) 20 Watts (5 Watts @1% THD)
DuPont's exclusive "Matador Gold" sintered red powder-coat with clear coat finish Flat black industrial non gloss finish
Billet aluminum engraved front panel Chassis front panel
Tube status display on LCD display No tube status display
iPad and iPhone control Application iPad only control Application