No. 25 - Celebrating 25 Years of REL

No. 25 - Celebrating 25 Years of REL

Aug 22, 2018

When the idea to create a 25th Anniversary model sprang to life, it quickly emerged that this had to be special - not simply a re-dressing of an existing model. As the project gathered steam, it became a statement of purpose about what the next 25 years of REL Acoustics would hold. The result is the REL No. 25 Reference subwoofer - both a glimpse of the future and a statement product all-in-one.

No. 25's engineering process started with the building of a new woofer. REL then worked backward through the amplifier requirements, cabinet topology, and necessary dimensions to pull all the attributes together into a powerful, finished design. The REL team wanted to see a near-field and dynamic output of at least 112 dB. They demanded greater control over room acoustics and the ability to deliver smoother, even bass over a greater spread of frequencies. The subwoofer would also have to move massive volumes of air.

In the end, a 15” woofer turned out to be the perfect blend of size and speed needed to bring the project home. No. 25's woofer has a heart of pure carbon, as REL opted for a cone material that is stronger than steel, yet incredibly lightweight. Carefully woven from pure carbon fiber, the 15” cone structure weighs 70% less than a 10” cone of just two years ago.

No. 25 combines this lightweight and perfectly balanced 15" woofer with the massive power of an ultra-reliable 1,000 watt amplifier. All this is controlled by REL's legendary filter sets and proprietary crossovers. Two separate parametric equalizers permit remarkably flat in-room response while maintaining the speed and resolution for which modern RELs have become known. In the end, REL slightly overshot their 112dB goals with a final output of 113db and low bass-extension down into the 15Hz region.

To enjoy all this performance without being limited to only a few room locations, the REL wireless LongBow system is built into every No. 25. This design utilizes zero compression, resulting in stunning dynamics and bass-extension - without being tethered to a cable.

No. 25 commemorates and celebrates REL's quarter century of building the finest subwoofer systems, all while pointing to the future and to their next 25 years.

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