Introducing the Parasound JC3 Jr.

Introducing the Parasound JC3 Jr.

Dec 28, 2017

It is dead silent. It is mellifluous. It is sophisticated. It is truly high definition. It yields rock solid imaging and great clarity. It is unflappable and other-worldly flexible. It has no pops or static, even switching every knob with gain up. The mono button on front even changes color when engaged. If the Junior is not trickle-down brilliance from JC's previous designs, then this baby is an accidental miracle. - Positive Feedback

John Curl has over 30 years experience designing the very finest-sounding electronics. His legendary reputation is further advanced with the all new JC3 Jr.

The JC3 Jr. is John Curl’s ultimate value-engineered phono preamplifier – his pinnacle of analog audio technology. Its “ DNA” and circuit topologies are inspired by the acclaimed JC3 and JC3+.

With standard features typically found only in phono stages at much higher price points, the JC3 Jr. offers a lot of bang for your buck. These include an MM or MC switchable gain select for 40, 50, or 60 dB and variable MC impedance adjustment of 50-550 ohms.

With its affordable price tag, high-end features and finishes, and engineering by John Curl and Carl Thompson, the JC3 Jr. is a fantastic value for vinyl lovers.

The JC3 Jr. is in-stock and available for demo now at Paragon.