Introducing Rogers KWM-88 "Corona"

Introducing Rogers KWM-88 "Corona"

Mar 01, 2019

Rogers High Fidelity debuts its anxiously anticipated high-performance Class-A integrated Amplifier, the Corona, at the 2019 AXPONA Audio Show.

Powered by four KT-88 or KT-150 analog vacuum tubes, the Corona integrated amplifier delivers monster performance and a dazzling listening experience. Consistent with Rogers High Fidelity’s gold-standard requirements, this integrated tube amplifier boasts superior precision, aerospace engineering, and hand-made craftsmanship that deliver a new level of realism in audio reproduction.

The Corona’s state-of-the-art performance construction uses all Teflon wiring and mil spec components. Another bonus feature is the large right and left power meters. The most critical vinyl listeners will enjoy the Corona’s finest organic tube sound-quality with stunning three-dimensionality, low-level detail-retrieval, and holographic sound-staging.

Rogers High Fidelity is an industry leader bringing to market the latest technologies, the best sound, and an all-aerospace design. Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Warwick, NY, Rogers High Fidelity specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance audio products.

All Rogers High Fidelity products are completely made in the USA with the finest components and feature a lifetime transferable warranty. President and Chief Designer Roger Gibboni applies his 30 years in aerospace communications engineering to create visionary solutions for true audio reproduction.


  • KT-88 or KT-150 tubes—four total/two each channel and four total for stereo operation following a true dual-mono design, Class-A operation, military specification components, point-to-point Teflon wiring all carefully manufactured to the highest specifications
  • Control capability via Bluetooth connection to either Apple iPhone or iPad applications, the Corona app displays all control functions of all the amplifiers features: Ultra-Linear and Triode modes, Volume, Input, and the status of the power tubes in real time operation using visual indicators
  • Toroidal type power supply circuit can easily handle large dynamic transitions in the audio signal being delivered while maintaining a smooth and clear midrange; vocals are presented with a truly rich and warm feel
  • Auto bias circuit for long tube life and ease of operation
  • One piece billet aluminium front panel, aviation-grade quality chassis all made in the USA in Warwick, NY
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
Come see and hear the newest additions to the Rogers High Fidelity product line by visiting Paragon and the Rogers team at AXPONA 2019!