The All New B&W P9 Signature Headphones

The All New B&W P9 Signature Headphones

Jan 31, 2017

"Impeccable build quality, slick engineering, and high-quality sound, the P9 is a true luxury experience." -iLounge

Introduced as part of their 50th anniversary celebration, B&W's P9 Signature headphones have arrived. Right away, you'll notice that the P9s are an aesthetic departure from the rest of the B&W headphone line-up. Instead of their traditional black on chrome, the P9's brown Saffiano leather styling is at once elevated, yet retro.

Though they are the largest headphones in the B&W line-up, the P9 Signature has an element of portability seldom found in over-ears this size. The arms fold in, and there is an included carrying case made from Italian Alcantara fabric, which is both durable and stain resistant.

Inside the earcups, Bowers engineers have angled the drivers to align the sound slightly in front of the listener instead of directly from the side. This innovative adjustment strives to recreate a more natural stereo listening environment. When you slide on a pair of P9s, expect a well-developed low end that's tight, precise, and controlled. Mids and treble are clear, crisp, and transparent.

The P9s deliver accuracy, musicality, and luxury, all in one shot. iPhone 7 users will have the option to receive a free lightning adapter cable in mid 2017. Once the cables are available, they will be included in the box. The P9 Signature headphones are available for audition in our showroom.