Meet The B&W 802 D3 Loudspeaker

Meet The B&W 802 D3 Loudspeaker

Nov 02, 2016

The all-new 802 d3 from Bower & Wilkins is one of four re-designed floor standing loudspeakers in the iconic 800 series from Bower & Wilkins. The 802 D3 delivers high performance, natural sound from a cabinet that live in and enhance almost any environment.

Stereophile reviewer Kalman Rubinson said it best when summing up his impression of the new 800 series: “With the 802 D3, I think Bowers & Wilkins have brought their 800 series into the 21st century. Their commitment to completely reimagine, reengineer, and redesign the 800 series has resulted in a loudspeaker that carries on the family resemblance while being entirely new.”

The 800 Series isn’t just another speaker range. For decades, it’s served as the benchmark for high-end audio performance. So, when B&W set out to create the new 800 Series Diamond, they went back to the drawing board, embarking on one of the most ambitious research and development projects they have ever undertaken.

The 800 Series Diamond is a game-changer in terms of technological innovation. From drive units to cabinet geometry, every major component has been rethought and reinvented. And the rulebook for loudspeaker design has been ripped up and rewritten in the process. The future of loudspeaker technology starts here.