Brinkmann Nyquist DAC & Streamer

Brinkmann Nyquist DAC & Streamer

Dec 15, 2017

Thanks to Brinkmann's attention to detail, the new Nyquist DAC & streamer achieves an unprecedented level of user-friendliness. Given its ease of use, matchless craftsmanship, and total upgradability, Nyquist sets new standards in convenience and lasting value.

When Brinkmann Audio started exploring digital audio again after more than 25 years, they decided to address three key requirements: longevity, ease of use, and quality.

Product longevity is a particular challenge in digital audio because of the ever-changing formats, standards, and interfaces. Beside the capability to perform software updates, Brinkmann designed the digital section of the Nyquist as a field-upgradable module that may be user exchanged. When a new hardware standard launches, or a new DAC chip or DSP technology offers a significant leap in performance, state-of-the art improvements can be made available to all Brinkmann customers.

Nyquist also offers the ability to easily stream to the DAC (via the mConnect App, for example), and is Roon Ready. Among other advantages, Roon recreates the pleasure and excitement we feel from browsing vinyl or CD collections via its user-friendly interface and remote control. In fact, Roon is quickly becoming a de-facto standard supported by many digital audio companies. The Nyquist is a Roon Ready endpoint, and as such can stream directly from any Roon core server on your network.

At Brinkmann Audio, “Quality” refers to both Sound Quality and Build Quality. The Nyquist is being manufactured to the same high standards as Brinkmann's other products, namely, turntables and electronics. Meticulously hand-assembled in Germany from the finest parts available, every product runs through a series of rigorous quality assurance processes.