Bowers & Wilkins | Formation Series

Bowers & Wilkins | Formation Series

May 13, 2019

Introducing Formation - The New Standard in Wireless Home Audio"

Formation builds on Bowers & Wilkins 50+ year heritage of pushing the limits of what can be achieved from a loudspeaker. The five-product suite features exclusive Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wireless Technology enabling a fidelity never experienced on a wireless system before. It combines seamless speaker synchronization, a patented and robust mesh network, and 96/24 bit streaming resolution.

Formation Duo

Formation Duo are the first wireless speakers that live up to the exacting standards of Bowers & Wilkins. Each one features their patented Carbon Dome tweeter-on-top technology for crystal clear highs, and the same innovative Continuum cone driver found in the 800 Series models for an expressive and accurate midrange performance. Available in Black or White, Formation Duo is designed to look just as beautiful as it sounds.

Formation Wedge

The Formation Wedge is designed with a 120-degree elliptical shape that allows for calculated placement of a full range of components to create beautiful, room-filling, stereo sound. The aluminum double dome tweeter delivers exceptional quality high-end sound and the integrated subwoofer and twin dedicated midrange drive units ensures the fully expressive soundstage reaches every part of a room. Stream in 96/24 quality and sync easily with other Formation speakers for a complete high-fidelity, multiroom set up.

Formation Audio

Now you have the ability to take your passive system and move it to the streaming age. Formation Audio enables high-resolution 96/24-bit multiroom streaming to any passive system. It also allows you to stream from passive components – CD player, turntable, or other pieces – to wireless Formation speakers, anywhere in the home. A proprietary analog-to-digital converter ensures there are no lags or breaks in sound, even between rooms, while 96/24-bit streaming maintains Bowers & Wilkins sound quality.

Formation Bar
Sound that provides a clearer picture

The Formation Bar is a high performance soundbar with proprietary wireless streaming capabilities. Nine performance drive units optimally positioned in a sleek design create an enveloping soundstage while a dedicated center channel layers in crisp, clear dialog. Use standalone or pair seamlessly with Formation Bass for a powerful listening experience.

Formation Bass
Clean, powerful bass, wirelessly

Formation Bass creates clean, powerful bass, wirelessly. A sophisticated and balanced design driven by Class D Amplifiers adds new dimension and powerful bass to movies, music, gaming, TV and more. Featuring a unique cylindrical design, Formation Bass leverages opposed dual driver technology to reduce distortion and unwanted vibrations. Dynamic EQ optimizes performance in real time, allowing Formation Bass to perform like a much larger subwoofer.