Welcome Kaleidescape!

Welcome Kaleidescape!

Jul 22, 2019

There is more than meets the eyes and ears with Kaleidescape, the popular C.I. choice for home theater content.

It is true: the content you buy and stream from the Kaleidescape store is not the same as you would see if played through the Blu-ray or streamed across another service. This is because Kaleidescape works with the studios to take the files provided and encode them so that they are optimized for home theater systems. And this is no auto-correct — each title is hand adjusted and curated by a Kaleidescape expert.

“We have a staff of people who, after the the files are encoded, watch those files and thoroughly check them to make sure that, when they’re played back on the Kaleidescape player, they’re rendered perfectly,” says Geoff Stedman, Vice President of Marketing. “And that takes multiple passes until we make sure that it is right. The content experts also curate all of the movies. They identify all the metadata — the interesting scenes, the songs if it’s a musical or a concert —and that allows the user to be able to watch just those scenes or listen to just those songs or jump to a favorite part of a movie.”

Which is why the Kaleidescape version may have different track listings than those versions purchased or viewed from other sources. But that is not the only difference you will find between Kaleidescape and other sources.

Kaleidescape is currently delivering content in state-of-the-art 4K, but with 8K televisions beginning to slowly appear, it won’t be long before new standards have to be achieved. “Kaleidescape’s content superiority will continue to be relevant. When you have the highest fidelity audio and video combined with a mesmerizing user interface, the focus is all on the experience not a particular technology,” says Stedman. “We are confident that we’d make those 8K displays look gorgeous with our content, but we have no control over when 8K content might become available or whether it’s something customers even want at this time.”

For now, though, Kaleidescape is looking to help grow not just their business, but also the home cinema product category. “We see ourselves as being in a good position to help the whole custom installation market,” concludes Stedman, “and help not only the dealers, but also customers to discover the state-of-the-art for a great home cinema.”

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