Welcome European Audio Team (EAT)

Welcome European Audio Team (EAT)

Aug 28, 2020

Paragon is pleased to welcome European Audio Team (EAT) to our family of brands. EAT offers turntables, phonostages, phono accessories, tubes, and more, and is owned by Jozefina Lichtenegger.

Jozefina has been active in audio since the nineties, when she got her start with tube technology while studying for an MBA at the University of Economics in Bratislava. By 2003, Jozefina was working with Tesla Vrsovice on their valve manufacturing, and in 2006, she purchased the operation in Prague when the owner was ready to retire. That team of valve experts hand-fashion EAT tubes using both vintage equipment and modified test-gear specific to its own products.

As Jozefina was seeking distributors for her tubes, she met future husband Heinz Lichtenegger on a trip to Austria. Heinz is the owner of Pro-Ject Audio, and as EAT expanded into turntables and electronics, the two have created carefully delineated lines to keep the brands distinct and the businesses separate.

EAT's first turntable, the Forte, was introduced in 2009 and was notable for its high mass platter that offers more stability and opposing magnets below that reduce bearing pressure. The current EAT lineup includes turntables in a variety of pricepoints and cartridge options, as well as phonostages and tubes.

EAT's range of products is available for purchase online and in-store at our Ann Arbor showroom. Contact us today to set-up an audition!