Welcome Clearaudio!

Clearaudio is a manufacturer of high-end audio products based in Germany. Formed in 1978, their primary focus is on analog reproduction, such as turntables, phono cartridges, and phono preamplifiers. Clearaudio’s constantly evolving range of products, from the smallest connector to the most complex turntable, incorporates two key characteristics: innovation and quality.

Innovation: Clearaudio’s wide and ever-growing range of products is no accident. Right from the start, back in 1978, Clearaudio decided to offer a complete range of products needed for excellent analog music reproduction. Within the first year, they were the first company in the world to use boron cantilevers for their phono cartridges. Clearaudio hasn’t stopped innovating since.

Quality: Quality means excellence in design, engineering, craftsmanship, and using only the best materials. To ensure Clearaudio achieves this level of quality every time, all of their products are hand-built in their factory in Erlangen, Germany. In fact, almost every part that goes into a Clearaudio product is made in-house. In-house production methods enable Clearaudio to consistently reproduce a high level of quality across their full range of products, from phono cartridges to record cleaning machines. Where outsourced parts are supplied by their partners, most are located in Germany and certified to the highest standards.

Paragon is pleased to introduce the Clearaudio Concept and Performance DC turntables to our Modern Music Center.

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