Welcome Astell & Kern

Welcome Astell & Kern

Jul 25, 2018

Astell & Kern is the ultimate digital music source for providing natural high-resolution sound without distortion.

Founded in 2013 by iRiver to design and engineer in-brand products, the company's ultimate design goal is to showcase the exacting detail of high-resolution music, bit-by-bit, exactly as it was originally recorded. Through the evolution and cultivation of an impressive catalog, Astell & Kern has revived the original sound quality of music for consumers, artists, and professional recording engineers.

Today's advanced recording technologies allow live music to be captured almost exactly as they are performed. These high-quality recordings are too often played back through compressed, low-resolution formats, causing music lovers to sacrifice sound-quality for the convenience of a portable music library. Astell & Kern strives to eliminate the trade-off of quality for portability.

The power of Astell & Kern's true sound is now experienced and admired by music lovers across the world, spanning the United States, China, Japan, UK, France, and many more. With a product-range that includes a wide array of options for portable music players and headphone amplifiers, Paragon is pleased welcome Astell & Kern to our showroom and online web-store.

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