Focal Speakers & Naim Audio | Now at Paragon

Focal Speakers & Naim Audio | Now at Paragon

Oct 17, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Paragon is now an authorized dealer for Focal and Naim Audio.

We introduced Focal Headphones to our line-up just about two years ago, and we have been extremely impressed with the product build, quality, and reception from our customers. With that experience under our belt, we are excited to add a new level to the relationship.

So, where does Naim come in? Aside from the obvious, which is their amazing range of products that sound fantastic, Naim and Focal have had a relationship since 2011 and are both owned by Vervent Audio Group. To back up just a bit, Focal is a French leader in acoustics; Naim is a British leader in electronics.

Complementing each other perfectly with their comprehensive “acoustic and electronic” range of products, the two brands have forged a successful creative partnership. This is clear to see in the Mu-so 2nd Generation all-in-one wireless streaming system by Naim, which features speaker drivers that are the result of a collaboration between Focal & Naim engineers and several years of R&D. More than an incredible product, the Mu-so 2nd Generation is the first to integrate components and technologies from both brands.

Christophe Sicaud, President of Vervent Audio Group, has this to say about the merger of Focal and Naim, and the dynamic between the two companies:

The merger of Focal and Naim was an obvious step; the histories of the two companies are both built on the same values. The foundations of this merger are the passion they share, and the obvious complementarity of the two companies. Since 2011, we have been working on the synergy between the two brands, which both continue to evolve in the same geographical areas; internationally, but also in France and Great Britain, their respective countries of origin.

He goes on to say:

Our goal is for each company to become a major reference in its markets, offering renowned high-end products which set themselves apart from mainstream consumer electronics. We intend to build benchmark brands which offer a complete product range. Our brands also offer lifestyle products and a high level of quality which our clients are attached to, and which creates added value for them. What I’m interested in is making these brands grow in confidence, creativity and strength. In other words, we want to be recognized as being the best at what we do in the field.

Paragon invites you to visit our showroom to view and demo these new product lines. Additionally, select Focal & Naim products are available for online purchase through our web store: