Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX | 4 Seasons Limited Edition

Wilson Audio is pleased to announce a limited XVX series that pays homage to the familiar and anticipated changes we see in nature every few months. Introducing the Chronosonic XVX 4 Seasons. Only available in 2022.
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As with music, each of us is uniquely moved by the elements of the year. Utah is known for its alluring and beautifully distinct four seasons. This aesthetically rare new XVX series draws inspiration from the natural color combinations found in Utah and from the countless mountain ranges, sand dunes, meandering streams, lakes, and vistas.


Crisp and fresh air fill the lungs. A blank canvas covers everything in sight, inviting footprints to be forged. Throughout time, explorers have immersed themselves in the peaceful solitude and silence found in frosty landscapes.

Some Highlights & Features of the Winter Version are:
  • New "Glacier Frost” Premium Pearl color
  • Fractal design resistor panel glass
  • White and Blue themed cable dressing
  • Light blue Cerakote metal finish
  • Blue tinted carbon fiber crossover housing


Life awakens as the snow starts melting, giving way to the warmth of a new season. Rainy days encourage the reemergence of life and fresh beginnings.

Some Highlights & Features of the Spring Version are:
  • New “Blue Orchid” Premium Pearl color
  • Black and Yellow themed cable dressing
  • Soft yellow anodized metal finish
  • Yellow tinted carbon fiber crossover housing


The fire has slowly reduced to embers as meaningful conversations continue and deeper bonds are born. Perspective is renewed at the end of the warm days full of adventure.

Some Highlights & Features of the Summer Version are:
  • New “Ember” Premium Pearl color
  • Black and Red themed cable dressing
  • Bold red anodized metal finish
  • Red tinted carbon fiber crossover housing
  • Newly released black nickel finish on Acoustic Diodes


Leaves fall and a mist greets the morning. Bare woodlands stand sturdy, preparing for a season of slumber. Deep in the forest, one finds connection with self.

Some Highlights & Features of the Autumn Version are:
  • New “Deep Forest Green” Satin color
  • Dark stained olive wood inlays
  • Resistor heatsinks showcased atop natural wood surface
  • Shadow bronze anodized metal finish
  • Newly released black nickel finish on Acoustic Diodes


This Treasure Chest is exclusive to the Chronosonic XVX 4 Seasons series. Included in this multilayered crate is a Chronosonic XVX 3D printed model, special edition Owner's Manual, a one-time Discount Code for Wilson Audio’s online store, a set of three 25 lb Pedestals, WilsonGloss Detail Kit, The Wilson Way Official History Book, and more.


Chronosonic XVX 4 Seasons limited edition finishes will only be made available in 2022. Ready to schedule a private Chronosonic XVX audition? Contact us today!
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