VTL Siegfried Series II Reference Monoblock Power Amplifier, Pre-Owned


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Since its introduction in 2003, VTL’s Siegfried Reference monoblock amplifier has been recognized as the leader in the world of high power, high performance amplifiers, both for ease of use and musicality. Known as the first tube amplifier to deploy true Auto Bias and Fault Sensing, as well as precision-regulated power supply technology, the Siegfried amplifiers have won the loyalty and appreciation of serious music lovers around the world.


Good condition pre-owned VTL Reference Monoblock Power Amplifiers.

Unit comes with original crates, packaging, and printed manual.

Rated 7/10 for minor cosmetic wear consistent with age and use.

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  • Vacuum Tube Complement : 12 x 6550 or KT-88, 1 x 12AT7, 2 x 12BH7
  • Output power: 20Hz – 20kHz <2.5% THD, Tetrode: 650W, Triode: 330W, Into 5Ω
  • Input sensitivity: Variable between 1-2V, depending upon DF setting
  • Input impedance: 45kΩ
  • Load setting: 5Ω
  • Optimum load range: 4Ω – 8Ω
  • S/N Ratio: -110dB, 120 Hz
  • Power consumption: Idle = 600W, Full power = 1500W
  • Primary mains fuse ratings: 100/120V = 20A Ceramic Slo Blo, 220/240V = 10A Ceramic Slo Blo
  • Logic fuse: 100/120V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo, 220/240V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo
  • Input fuse: 100/120V = 2A Ceramic Slo Blo, 220/240V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo
  • Filament fuse: 100/120V = 2A Ceramic Slo Blo, 220/240V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo
  • Secondary fuse rating: Plate Fuse = 5A fast acting 600V, Screen Fuse = 0.75A fast acting 600V
  • Dimensions W x D x H: 11.5 x 24 x 24 inches (29.2 x 61 x 61 cm)
  • Weight: 200lbs (90Kg) per monoblock unpacked, 325lbs (147Kg) packed



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