Transparent GEN 5 XL Phono Interconnects, Pre-Owned, 1.5M

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XL Phono Interconnects are a great addition to any well-established Connoisseur Level music system with a top-of-the-line phonograph set-up. XL Phono uses the same cable, connectors, and network housings as XL RCA Interconnect. Phono interconnects at the XL level will help you extract the last measure of performance from your existing LP playback investments. Specifically designed for the delicate, low signal output of a phono cartridge, XL Phono effortlessly reveals greater levels of low-level harmonic and spatial detail, the smooth continuity of analog dynamic range, and the rich tonal quality of music.

Great condition FCPO Transparent GEN 5 XL Phono Interconnects, 1.5m.

  • Series: XL
  • Technology: GEN 5
  • Length: 1.5M.
  • Terminations: RCA > RCA
  • Rating: Cables are rated 8/10 due to light use and minor wear and tear on networks.
  • Accessories: Cables do not come in original box, but will be professionally packed for shipping.

Reference level cables are upgradeable. Cables will be registered for Transparent’s upgrade program, as Paragon is an Authorized Transparent Dealer.

Upgrades can be ordered through your local Transparent dealer.


REFERENCE series cables and above require calibration to an owner’s system. Any pre-owned REFERENCE series or above cable will be recalibrated for the new owner so that the cable performs up to Transparent’s specifications.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for recalibration and delivery.


Please call 734.662.3595 and ask for Richard if you have any questions about this product.

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