Wilson Audio Sophia 1

Loudspeaker Pair

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The design objective for Sophia was at once simple and challenging: to build a single cabinet, floor-standing loudspeaker that could provide a level of musical enjoyment comparable to Wilson Audioʼs multi-cabinet speakers. The result is a loudspeaker both visually and sonically beguiling. Sophia is a full-range, three-way system using specially chosen drivers and Wilsonʼs Group Delay™ technology to achieve a new standard in top-to-bottom coherency and transparency. Every element of a singerʼs voice, for example — from upper-octave sibilance to chest resonance — is properly aligned and seamlessly joined. The soundstage is reproduced with a holographic clarity singular to Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

About this unit
Fantastic condition pair of trade-in Wilson Audio Sophia Series 1 loudspeakers in Obsidian Black, with silver hardware and black grills. Speakers come in original Wilson crates with manual and tool kit.

Speakers are rated 8/10 for minor cosmetic wear, including some surface swirls in the finish and wear on the grills.

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