Wilson Audio Alexia Series 1 – Black Kirsch

Wilson Audio Certified Authentic

$54,000.00 $26,995.00

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Alexia’s compellingly authentic performance and lasting value are achieved through careful implementation of cutting edge design and engineering, and then executed using the highest performance materials. For a speaker system its size, the Alexia is unmatched in its ability to reproduce the musical event. It is truly state of the art!

About this product
Superb condition pair of Wilson Audio Certified Authentic Factory Tested Alexia 1 loudspeakers, in upgraded Black Kirsch Finish.

Speakers are rated 9/10. Speakers come crated by Wilson Audio, complete with factory frisking, Wilson tool kit, and owner’s manual. Speakers have a 1-year warranty if shipped, or 3-year warranty if professionally installed by Paragon Sight & Sound.

Images are stock photos. Please see photo of Black Kirsch colour swatch, or contact us at 734-662-3595 for color samples.

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