Ultra Headphone Cable

Headphone Cable



Item: 127485

Like all Transparent Audio Cables, the new ULTRA Headphone Cable has a network to reduce noise, control the effects of resonance on a music signal, and optimize audio performance for the specific length of cable. The networks on ULTRA Headphone Cables are the result of hours of testing and listening and are exclusively developed for headphone signal characteristics.

Transparent designed the headphone cable as dual-isolated channels that have been optimized for electrical and mechanical performance to reduce noise. The cable design is highly flexible with a soft, quiet, comfortable, tightly woven fabric sleeve. The ULTRA Headphone Cable joins to the headphone leads with a 2-piece coupler.

Each headphone cable set comes with 1 detachable headphone lead with the connector option of choice. Additional leads with a variety of connector options are readily available; thereby making it unnecessary to buy different cables for different headphones.

All single, dual, and balanced headphone amplifier terminations are also available, and changeable amplifier ends are a custom option to accommodate a collection of multiple amplifiers.

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