Transparent Audio RAES.5, Factory Certified Pre-Owned

Reference 110-Ohm Digital Cable in MM2 Technology

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Transparent’s Reference 110-Ohm Digital Link delivers important improvements in fundamental richness, dynamic range, and resolution.

About this product
Fantastic condition Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Reference 110-Ohm Digital Cable, .5 Meter, in MM2 Technology. Cable has XLR > XLR terminations. Transparent has discontinued their MM2 line.

Cable is rated 8/10 for minor cosmetic wear.

Cables will be registered for Transparent’s upgrade program, as Paragon is an Authorized Transparent Dealer. Upgrades can be ordered through your local Transparent dealer.

Transparent Audio Factory Certified Pre-Owned Program
Transparent will fully inspect, repair, clean, provide current network specification adjustments, recalibrate (if necessary), and provide warranty registration materials for all Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Products. Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Products may show normal signs of use, including scratches or scuffs, or have minor cosmetic manufacturing flaws.

Only Authorized Transparent Dealers have access to Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Products. Paragon is an Authorized Transparent Dealer.

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