The Wall Premium




The Wall Premium has the same construction and stranding as some of the best high end speaker cables available. Fillers and pressure-extruded jackets hold uniformly twisted signal carrying members firmly in place to reduce noise. Use in conjunction with The Brick Premium to achieve true high end performance at an affordable price.


  • The Wall Premium is a premium-level in-wall cable, featuring the same construction and stranding as some of the best high-end speaker cables available
  • Two 10 AWG conductors in a fire retardant, pressure-extruded outer jacket that reduces electro-mechanical vibration and preserves the intended electrical characteristics of the cable when flexed or bent.
  • Available in continuous lengths from 10-100 feet.
  • If you have biwire speakers and you do not plan to add Brick Networks at this time, use Transparent Premium Biwire Adapters which provide far superior performance in biwire applications compared to the gold plated jumper plates that come with most biwire speakers.
  • Use The Brick Premium Network to optimize the performance of this cable.
  • See DIY Speaker Cable Accessories for extra termination supplies and solderless connector options.
  • Upgradeable to The Wall Reference Speaker Cable through your Transparent dealer.

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