The Brick Premium




Brick Premium Networks are special filter circuits hand-built in acrylic modules. They help your speaker cables transfer low frequency energy more efficiently and provide cleaner, clearer, more dimensional sound throughout the rest of the music range.

You can create a true high end audio component now or later by adding the Brick Premium to Transparent The Wall Premium Speaker Cables.

Transparent designed and calibrated The Brick Premium to work ideally with The Wall Premium however, The Brick Premium will also significantly improve the performance of any brand or type of 10 AWG speaker cable.

Available as biwire for 4-input speaker connections. Choose between Standard Connection and Biwire Connection in the Speaker Input selection below.


  • Features an 8-pole switch to match Transparent network filter to the length of your in-wall cable
  • Transfers low frequency energy more efficiently
  • Cleaner, clearer, more dimensional sound throughout the musical range
  • Optimizes the cable for audio frequencies, thereby preserving all the richness and foundation of natural music tonal balance.
  • Fights noise that destroys low level information and the signal’s purity.
  • Comes calibrated for ten different per channel speaker cable lengths, in 10 foot ranges up to 100 feet
  • Comes ready to hook up to speaker binding posts via spade or banana connection and to The Wall Premium with a Speakon connector
  • The Wall Premium Biwire has two pairs of leads terminated with spades or bananas. One pair of leads hooks to the upper set of speaker terminals, and the other hooks to the lower set of speaker terminals.
  • In combination with The Wall Premium Speaker Cable, The Brick Premium is upgradeable to the Brick Reference in combination with The Wall Reference Speaker Cable or Brick Reference XL in combination with The Wall Reference Speaker Cable through an authorized Transparent dealer.


  • Network calib: 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, 91-100
  • Termination: spades, bananas

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