Super Phono Interconnect



Item: SPH

Super Phono Interconnect shares the high quality raw materials and superb hand-crafted quality of Super RCA. Transparent’s artisans build Super Phono by hand in two versions: RCA>RCA and DIN>RCA.

The factory standard termination for the Super Phono Interconnect is RCA>RCA. Super Phono offers the same build quality and freedom from noise as Super RCA Interconnects, but Transparent has optimized the network for the particular requirements of LP playback. Custom-stranded OFHC copper cable and gold-plated custom RCA connectors at both ends ensure full transfer of the delicate phono signals.

Super Phono Interconnects are upgradeable through an authorized Transparent dealer to Ultra level phono interconnects and above. Paragon is an authorized dealer for sales and upgrades.

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