Sonus faber Venere 3.0, New-in-Box

Dual-Woofer Loudspeaker

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The Venere 3.0 is a true 3-1/2 way loudspeaker using dual 7″ woofers in a unique configuration where one handles the frequencies from 180 Hz down while the other crosses over to the midrange at 220 Hz. This arrangement is capable of producing prodigious bass output, energy, and dynamics. The 6″ midrange and 1″ fabric dome tweeter add to this an exceedingly smooth and musically engaging top-end, resulting in a lively and coherent presentation. Suitable for all kinds of music from solo acoustic to heavy metal, the 3.0 will never distort the scale of the performance or lose its sonic composure.

The 3.0 would be an ideal choice as main left / right speakers in a stereo or home theatre system.

About this product
Brand new-in-box pair of Sonus faber Venere 3.0 loudspeakers in Walnut finish. Speakers come with a full factory warranty.

Sonus faber has recently discontinued their Venere line.

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