Sonus faber Venere 2.0

7" Woofer Bookshelf Speaker


Black Gloss


  Product sold as pair.

Item: VENERE2.0

The Venere 2.0 is the largest stand mount/bookshelf loudspeaker in the Venere family and like the other models, it shares the same Lyre cabinet shape that is without parallel walls and exhibits great structural rigidity. This sophisticated enclosure features both sculpted sides to avoid diffraction of sound and a tilted baffle board providing time alignment for the drive units. By using a front reflex port, the Venere 2.0 avoids the negative rear wall interference often found in rear ported designs, making it easier to get great sound in virtually any room. The two drive units are of Sonus faber design and the 2.0 employs a fabric dome tweeter of exceptional smoothness and extension along with a 7″ mid-woofer that results in the music having great speed, detail, control, wide dispersion and an overall naturalness. The thoughtfully designed crossover network ensures a low distortion signal path and musicality across the critical crossover point of 2,500 Hz. When compared to the Model 1.5, the 2.0 will deliver greater dynamics, lower frequency extension and a weightier tonal quality.

Like each Venere model, the 2.0 is available in a high-gloss black or white lacquer. A real wood Walnut veneer is available at a slight upcharge. Accenting the lacquer or wood enclosure is a tempered glass top plate that is foil stamped with the Sonus faber logo. Echoing this design is the optional floor stands which also use a tempered glass base with adjustable aluminum spike feet providing both leveling and exceptional floor coupling. Connectivity is via dual terminals that allow for both bi-wiring and bi-amplifying.

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