REL Acoustics S/3 SHO

Serie S Subwoofer


Piano Black
Piano White


  Product sold individually as unit.

Item: 1214

The REL S/3 SHO derives from the flagship S/5 SHO, offering a more compact footprint while retaining much of S/5 SHO’s performance, making it an ideal pairing for slightly more modest systems and rooms. Beautifully balanced, S/3 SHO offers powerful, incisive performance for both 2-channel and theater systems.

SHO or “Super High Output,” is made possible by a new 3-stage limiter REL engineers created after extensive testing revealed that much higher output, gain, and performance could be unlocked. The result is a new design that is capable of more than doubling its predecessor’s output. Specify the S/3 SHO, individually or in a pair, when your system is of exceptionally high-quality and your speakers and room can support high levels of dynamics and bass extension.

For total freedom, go wireless. REL’s optional LongBow permits very fast, uncompressed bass to be sent wirelessly within the same room. LongBow also offers both high-level (or low-level with crossover intact) and .1 channel delivery so that REL Theater Reference performance can be maintained even when using the wireless delivery system.

Available in Piano Black or Piano White finish.

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