REL Acoustics HT/1003

Home Theater Subwoofer


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REL’s Serie HT is designed specifically to answer the challenge of creating affordably priced, exceptionally dynamic, pure home theater powered subwoofers.

When there is simply neither the space nor the need for all the output of a larger model, HT/1003 applies the same approach as its impressive stable mate, the HT/1205, and scales it down by just a little. A 10” high-powered, long throw driver and 300W means it has plenty of power on demand. This unit is intended primarily for high powered home theater applications, immersive gaming set-ups, and pairs nicely with active powered loudspeakers.

For REL owners already enjoying Reference, Serie S, and T/i subwoofers, the HT/1003 is designed to supplement their system’s .1/LFE output to produce chest rumbling home theater special effects.

For total freedom, go wireless. The optional HT-Air is designed to leave old fashioned Bluetooth-based systems in the dust, delivery latency in the 16-20 millisecond range. This permits owners to place their HT/1003 where it works best – without resorting to unsightly cables – all while retaining REL’s category-leading super-fast wireless.

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