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Wireless System


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Arrow™ is REL’s zero-compression method of distributing wireless and delivers performance similar to their more expensive wireless systems quickly, reliably, and without the thin, dried out sound most wireless systems deliver.

In part, this is achieved by eliminating the slower delivery methods offered by many Bluetooth systems. Arrow represents something of a cost breakthrough as it uses LSI (large scale integrated circuit chips) technology to lower the cost of the system by about 30%, while preserving almost all the performance.

This freedom permits ultra-high performance without the cumbersome tether of a cable, allowing careful placement without being limited by the length of a wire. The result is a better sounding, less cluttered experience – giving you the ability to place subs in distant corners, along glass walls, or on hardwood floors where a cable would otherwise destroy the effect.

The Arrow Wireless is compatible with REL Serie T/i subwoofers (not compatible with T/Zero).

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