REL Acoustics 212/SE

Serie S Subwoofer


Availability: This product is on backorder and typically ships in 1-2 weeks


Introducing 212/SE, REL Acoustic’s most powerful and agile subwoofer, designed exclusively for larger system and rooms to allow superior state of the art speakers to spring to full voice.

REL believes in quality first, not simply power and boom. 1,000 watts is only desirable if it’s conveyed with speed and control. The 212/SE was engineered to not only make your heart pound and walls shake, but also to restore mid-range warmth and harmonic structure while providing a powerful, rich low-end. This combination of speed, power, and grace driving multiple room-modes (forward, down and rear) makes it ideally suited for high-end 2-channel rooms and dedicated theaters.

For total freedom, go wireless. REL’s optional LongBow permits very fast, uncompressed bass to be sent wirelessly within the same room. LongBow also offers both high-level (or low-level with crossover intact) and .1 channel delivery so that REL Theater Reference performance can be maintained even when using the wireless delivery system.

Available in Piano Black finish.

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