Pro-Ject Xtension 12

Belt-Driven Turntable


Olive Wood


  Product sold individually as unit.


Pro-Ject’s Xtension 12 incorporates over 20 years of experience in turntable design and manufacture. Xtension 12 represents the latest technological efforts to address mass-decoupling and resonance reduction. Beginning with the mass-loaded magnetically floated sub-chassis and the precision balanced sandwich alloy platter (recycled vinyl/alloy), the foundation of this system weighs in at a super-heavy 55 lbs.

Additionally, Pro-Ject employs magnetic decoupling feet to thwart airborne or mechanical vibration from disturbing playback. This mass and isolation creates an environment of extremely low resonance allowing music to emerge from an ultra-silent black background. An AC motor with a two-step pulley drive and electronic speed control maintains perfect pitch and rhythm, resulting in inaudible wow, flutter, and noise. A built-in spirit level assists in setting the height-adjustable magnetic footers.

An isolated Sorbothane mounting board further reduces noise and vibration for the 12″ carbon-fiber tonearm. The conical arm and unified headshell are fabricated from a single piece of carbon fiber to avoid problems that can result from standing wave reflections. Single screw fixing of the armtube allows easy rotation for adjustment of needle azimuth. Additionally, the arm is fully adjustable for VTA. A high-performance 123 cm phono interconnect cable is included.

Superpack Upgrade
The optional Superpack upgrade includes a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge at a significantly reduced price. Designed for exceedingly low noise levels, wide dynamic range, and the highest possible fidelity in its price class, Blackbird is destined to become an analog classic. Each cartridge is assembled using time honored, labor intensive techniques, hand-calibrated and critically auditioned to meet the most rigorous standards of consistency.

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