Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB

Belt-Driven Turntable w/ Phono Preamp & Speed Control




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Item: 129730

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The Pro-Ject Audio Systems T-Line turntables are the first to deliver true Hi-Fi sound quality at an entry-level price point. The T-Line shines with high-quality materials, a stylish look, and an incredibly lively sound. During the extensive development process, meticulous care was taken not to compromise on sound quality despite the incredible price. Currently, the T-Line is available in two versions: T1 & T1 Phono SB.

Compared to the standard T1 model, the T1 Phono SB has an integrated, high-quality MM phono preamp developed by Pro-Ject and an electronic speed switch between 33 and 45 RPM.

The stylish, CNC machined chassis, available in high-gloss black and walnut, contains no plastic parts and is manufactured entirely without cavities, so that no unwanted vibrations in the chassis can occur. In keeping with this philosophy, the glass platter is also solid. In contrast to plastic or light steel plate plates, so unwanted resonances are effectively suppressed.

With many other turntables incorporate unregulated DC motors with massive tracking variations, the T1 Phono SB features Pro-Ject’s well-established, electronically controlled, precise AC motor. The T1 Phono SB also has an electronic speed switch between 33 and 45 RPM. This system guarantees a quiet, stable drive of the turntable.
The turntable of the T1 is belt driven. This precisely transfers the drive power to the newly designed subplate, which in turn sits in the ultra-precise 0.001mm platter bearing with a hardened stainless steel shaft in a brass bushing; just like in the proven Essential III models. Thus, the T1 offers – in addition to its quiet engine – a stable and low-resonance platform for tonearm and pickup.

The T1 tonearm is a new tonearm version built on proven Pro-Ject designs. The 8.6″ long tonearm consists of a single piece of aluminum and is equipped with low-friction bearings so that sampling is always done with absolute precision. In addition to the great looks, the integrated headshell prevents additional vibrations, which occur with glued or screwed headshells, and is a great sound improvement.

The pre-assembled Ortofon OM 5E quality pickup with elliptical pin-cut makes this turntable a true hi-fi playback device without compromise. In addition, premium Connect It E Phono Interconnect, a solid hinged acrylic dust cover, and a felt mat are included in the package.

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