Pro-Ject Stream Box DS+

Audio Streamer w/DAC

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The Pro-Ject Stream Box DS+ is an audio streamer that also acts as digital to analog converter for other digital sources (USB, coax, Toslink) and as preamplifier with 2 additional analog sources, which easily can be connected to a power amp! Superb audio playback including 24bit HD music is self-evident, like outstanding technical data for distortion and noise levels.

With the Stream Box DS+, Pro-Ject has produced a highly musical device that will play all of your digital music sources. Whether you want to play from an iPod, listen to internet radio, link with your NAS drive, or unlock the potential of your HD music stored on a hard drive, the Stream Box DS+ can help you.

Navigation and volume control can be done via front control buttons, IR remote (which is included) and/or free Android / iOS App.

Available in Black finish.

Note: The Pro-Ject Stream Box DS+ (Series 1) has been recently discontinued.

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